Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What about Evolution?

A lot can be said.  

Some parts of Evolution are compatible with the scriptures but some very crucial parts are not.  Apologetics doesn't mean that we are apologising for our position disagreeing with someone's "scientific" opinion.

Natural Selection clearly occurs - this process is in keeping with the "natural" operation of the universe, i.e. The faster dog will have a survival advantage, meaning more faster dogs will survive under conditions that require that speed for procreation (directly or indirectly).  This is obvious, but doesn't explain origins, and doesn't guarantee permanent change in a gene pool.

Mutation also occurs - no problem here either.

The big question is: Can mutation provide enough change for natural selection to act upon in a way that leads to vastly different species, e.g. dogs and bananas.  The scriptures do not allow the time for this to occur.  I don't even think the age of the universe allows time for this to occur (that, and the absence of truly transitional species is why the idea of punctuated equilibrium exists - a theory to fill the gaps that are usually denied)

Another big question: Even if the answer is yes, does this explain origins?  

This is a huge topic (hence the longer than usual post) and will no doubt be one to come back to.  More reading at creation.com for now.

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