Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Weight of an Argument

Arguments have to be grounded in something solid and lasting.  If they are not, they will eventually fail.

The best arguments come from: "God has said..." because God is eternal and He knows the beginning from the end.  He is sure to be right.  He is the only one who has all knowledge.  He is the only one who can tell us what is right or wrong, true or false.

That doesn't mean there is no place for arguments that don't come directly from God.  These arguments help to build a wider picture that is appealing to those who are not Christians.  This could even be a draw-card to saving faith.  God has given each of us a conscience, and certain other things are self-evident (obvious to all) in a similar way.

Use all arguments to His glory, but remember where you should place the greatest weight of faith, and which arguments carry the strongest weight in a debate.

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