Where do I start?

Follow the links below in order from top to bottom.  Take a few minutes or more to let new thoughts surface in response to each short piece that you read.  By the end, you will hopefully begin to see a purpose and direction emerging for you, and at least you will see a rough view of how the Christian view of the world is formed.

This page will likely develop further so check back from time to time.  May God bless and guide you in your searching.

How do you know that God exists?
Why the God of the Bible?
Why Christianity and not Judaism?
How to choose a Christian denomination

Reasons to trust the Bible 1 - Wisdom
Reasons to trust the Bible 2 - Manuscripts
Reasons to trust the Bible 3 - Internal Consistency
Reasons to trust the Bible 4 - Prophecy Fulfilled 
Reasons to trust the Bible 5 - Archaeology

What is truth?
Dealing with Objections (the process in general)
Why become a Christian?
Why not just believe what makes me happy?
What is repentance?

A dodgy imitation of Christianity to watch out for

So what does the Christian life look like? (This website is dedicated to helping people see this)

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