Thursday, May 9, 2013

Truth, Meaning, and the Existence of God

Yesterday at lunch time, I hosted a short presentation and discussion about truth and meaning.  You can download the talk here.  The target group were teenagers ranging from 13 up to 18 years old.  A rough outline of the presentation is below.  There will be several of these presentations to come in a series.


Do we need purpose/meaning in life, or is it enough to jet get out of bed and do the next thing which occurs to you? How do we deal with big issues such as death, suffering, and disease.

Some "Tools" For The Discussion
  • Epistemology
  • The Law of Non-contradiction
  • What is a Worldview?

Where Does Meaning Come From?
  • Where do we commonly find meaning?
  • Is there a fixed/stable/permanent source of meaning?
  • Brief argument for why God could be that source of fixed meaning.

Summing up the entire presentation.

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