Monday, January 2, 2012

But won't heaven be boring?

What will we spend our time with in heaven?  At the moment we have TV, computer games, etc.  But that kind of stuff doesn't seem to be a part of heaven.  Maybe I don't want to go there if I'm not entertained...

If 3D TV is your idea of good entertainment, prepare for something infinitely more amazing.  How about viewing something that will never get boring.  Not even after a million years!

Even if heaven is merely sitting and staring at God, that will be enough to blow your mind for ever.  Think about what that means for a moment.  If you stared at your TV for a week straight you would probably be going mad with boredom.  Even your beautiful spouse can't captivate you within a billionth of what God can.

I'm sure there will be more to heaven than merely sitting and watching though.  Consider the nature of the Kingdom of God, a part of which is merely a perfect version of life and society, not too different to how we live now (though completely different at the same time!)

Heaven won't be boring.  I'm certain!

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